Can Retool AI Browse Web for Answers?

SSIA -- is there any way to have Retool AI browse the web for news stories or up-to-date information?

I'd like to set something up for our team to be able to prep for meetings with clients beforehand and basically send a "Check the web for any recent news or updates related to {{}}..."

I know OpenAI's API key and ChatGPT itself allow web browsing but haven't seen any way to get Retool AI to use that capability.

I don’t think it can be done directly in the OpenAI API unless (maybe?) you build an assistant that has access to a browse function.

The other approach I’ve seen seems to be building out your own web scraping code (python and/or langchain seem to be typical approaches) and passing those results to the API. If you go that route, I’d guess it would be worth building it out in a workflow and calling that from the app.

Let us know if you find a different approach!

AFAIK OpenAI Assistant doesn't have the "browser" tool, unfortunately, so the only route would be to use an headless browser or equivalent API, then pass the payload to the Action AI to digest it in Retool.

Another option might be to let OpenAI Assistant call the headless browser directly and do all the hard lifting within it. So from Retool perspective is just an endpoint call. But more setting in the Assistant side.

Yes, me too interested in your approach.

Gotcha - so no out of the box ability via Retool AI.

I'll update if we get something built to achieve this via the OpenAI API