Can I get REST API response raw?

I got a response using adobe api, but it is in the form of a string. So when I receive response using utils.downloadFile, the file comes out in a broken state.

Like this

"--Boundary_XXXXXX Content-Type: application/json Content-Disposition: form-data; name="contentAnalyzerResponse" {"dc:format":"application/vnd.openxmlformats-
endstream endobj startxref 116 %%EOF --Boundary_1002386_2144638072_1635931822759-- "

Can I get the response value to the REST API in raw form?

Hi @finn! Thanks for reaching out. Hmm, this may be a bug that we need to look into :thinking:

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the query?

Hi @Tess,

This screenshot is query call from Postman, you can see raw format.

And this is query call from retool, string format.

Hi @finn! This does look like a bug on our end :confused: I will update this thread when we're able to ship a fix

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