Can I Create a 'Run Python' Function Query?

In the "Functions" section at "Workflows," I came across a function query "Run JS Code (javascript)."

Is it possible to create a function query using "Run Python" as well?

Interesting, I did this recently and went back to a poc to check. It's there but I can't figure out how to do it again. I remember it had some significant limitations. Maybe it was removed bc of that?

I didn't find this :confused:

Hey @Felipe_Sampaio_Lima @matth calling a python function block from a Python block in Workflows is not yet supported, but it's a feature request we're tracking internally! Not sure how you were able to do it before with your poc :grin:

I've added +2 to the feature request to track your interest. Thanks for asking! We'll keep you updated here if this gets implemented :slight_smile:


Hi @kbn,
Can you please confirm that it is still not possible?
It's very limiting for Python users.

@AssoConnect Correct, this is still not possible. I've bumped the internal report and we will update this topic as we get any additional information to share.

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