Can get defined variable correctly in public access link

Hello, I use Custom API authentication as description in I defined variarial "TOKEN" and use it in Headers. I test it in editor mode, all things go well.

But When I shared my app via Public access link. and open it with new browser(Edge). It failed. The "TOKEN" variable which I defined doesn't replace with Real Return "TOKEN" value.

If I open the public access link via Chrome browser, I can't even see the login modal, when I click longind button, the error will disaply. "Authentication failure. Missing access token".

Hey @AnsonHwang!

Sorry for the confusion here, but this is expected behavior :confused:

I've added a callout to the doc on custom authentication to help clarify what is going on here:

Custom Authentication in Public Apps

Like OAuth 2.0 and other SSO based auth options, custom auth workflows store defined variables using a relation with the authenticating user's Retool account. Because public app viewers do not use a retool account, custom auth is not supported in public apps.

Hi, thanks for your clarify.
If the error behavor in the Chrome and Edge are the same, It would be fine. I mean it show allow to show the login modal in the chrome too.