Camera Component

It would awesome to patch in a webcam or mobile device camera and save an image!

Hey @alex-westreich, what’s the exact use case here? I believe we have some scooter rental companies that use a barcode scanner keyboard for iOS to read barcodes from scooters when they arrive at the repair shop.

I was thinking about barcodes originally, and thought “Oh well you could probably write one using the camera component” and then realized that there isn’t one already. I think it would be a useful feature, for check in desk/employee badges, apps created specifically for company events, record keeping and recording.

@alex-westreich while we don’t have a camera component, if you use a File Picker component on mobile (at least on iOS) you will have the option to take a photo or video. Check out this public demo I just put together:
Here’s a screenshot from my iPhone demoing the native iOS support.

…and here’s what it looks like after you take the photo – thanks to @dvdhsu for modeling! This app simply displays the photo data but you could do anything you’d like with the image.

that looks very good. I need the same feature too from the webcam as i’m capturing quality control information and need to store the images.

So that image on the phone or tablet allowed a capture image from the built in camera.

What is the next step to using that now? How do store it?

Hi @Martin_Cahill! I don’t think there’s any way to get the same functionality on a webcam. This works with mobile, because iOS or android allow you to use the camera to supply a newly created image to upload. On desktop, we aren’t able to get device permissions from within the sandboxed JS. So this would still stand as a feature request for that situation!

I can confirm your app works in Android.

Hello, Looks like this thread was never updated from when permissions to access the webcam were enabled in Retool. Here's a quick demo app (source: of webcam capture via our custom component for anyone interested. We'll post back when a camera widget is released.
Camera test.json