Camera Component Crash

Dear Team,
I know it's a beta version.
I would like to report an anomalous behavior of the Camera Component.
Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes it crashes and come back to the root screen.
If could help this is my project Retool

Hey @Cotrariello!

Sorry about the late reply here. A few questions for context:

  1. Are you seeing the camera component crash while developing the app in your browser or is it only when viewing the app on a mobile device?
  2. What kind of mobile device are you using?
  3. Do you notice any pattern around when the crashes occur?

If there are specific steps you can take to cause the crash that would be super helpful to know but it sounds like that may not be the case, instead are you noticing anything that might cause the crash to happen more often?

Hi @Kabirdas !

no problem.

The camera component crashes while developing the app in the browser.
See figures attached.

I have not test the app on mobile device yet.
I haven't noticed any pattern around when the crashes happen. When it crashes the screen go back to the home screen.
Also sometimes it happens that the image_view component is not valued, other times it is.
I wil try again and again and if figure out any pattern I'll let you know.

Thank you

Sounds good! Checking in with the team as well to see if we have any more context on why it might be crashing.

One thing to note is that if you're trying to change the value of the picture you won't be able to set the .src property directly since it doesn't have an exposed set method. Using photo.src = url will only change the property on the copy of the object in your script not within the app model itself.

Instead, you might try passing the value stored in the camera directly to the image with something like:

{{EditTankCamera.value[0] || TanksList.selectedItem?.photo}}

That should display the most recent image or default to the image in TanksList. With that you'd also want to add an event handler that clears the camera when you load a new page:

Let me know if that helps!

Hi @Kabirdas
, very helpfull, thank you.
Also the crash doesn't happen anymore