Calling the same API Query multiple times in JS


I wish to query an API Query multiple times within the same JS code. Each query will have a different parameter passed in (via the additionalScope field).

The end result is that I have a status table, each status element called TYPE_A, TYPE_B, etc.. And I need to query the API separately for each individual.

You can probably see my logic here, but as you can see, my output of 'log' (which is the meta request url of the api) are both outputting 'TYPE_B'.

I'd expect the first query to output TYPE_A and the second query to output TYPE_B.

Kindly advise?

Hi, I test it without result in my side.

Could you share the code of your query5?

Hey @Ollie_Jones!

Are you able to see the proper type passed through to the API? This should be working properly, but the logging you have set (referencing the underlying query metadata), isn't truly capturing what is happening with the query5 requests. If you want to send a Rest request for each row in a table, this documentation should help! I set up something similar with a request to to show that values that are passed in each request. Let me know if you have any other questions! @AnsonHwang thanks for the assist!