Calling query1 from query2

Hi guys

I'm starting to loose my brain with documentation about scripting.

Where am I supposed to defined the object additionalScope in query1 being called by query2 ?


      additionalScope: { columnToPass: '02'},
      onSuccess: function(data) {
        return data;}


function f ( column){
 // do something
  return 'my column is ' + column;

return f(columnToPass);

Any help will be much much appreciated.

Hi Jul, Let's get your brain back to found! I think you've got some extra fluff and that can be fine, but when your brain is gone, my go-to is to strip anything unnecessary. Shall we?


return query1.trigger({
 additionalScope: { columnToPass: '02'}


no change

From a starting point that is working and understandable, we can begin to build our way up from here. Is this going to solve your use case or do you need additional help?

Thank you Amanda.
Actually I was misled by the debugger. I guess I'm not the only newbe to be so.
I can start from there.

Yes, well now you've joined the club. (Gald to have ya!) Who wouldn't be confused by that? It is on our roadmap, and we appreciate you verifying that our plans align with your wishes! :sunglasses: