Calling a Google Function from inside a Retool Workflow

Hello, we want to call a google function from inside a retool workflow. The problem we are facing is, that we can’t correctly authenticate with google, because it uses a Jwt Token - which needs to be generated by a key (given by google). However it seems like there is no import for jwt in retool and generating the toke manually somehow doesn’t work.

Is there anyone knowing how to solve this or is there a good workaround? We would also be fine with using a different auth method (than jwt) however we have no other option than using the gcp service account key?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Wenkey!

It looks like there aren't any updates yet on the feature request mentioned here. Have you already explored using the metadata server referenced in the Google documentation?

thanks to Jay from retool support we were able to resolve this issue.
Using the checkbox "share credentials between users" was the key.
Note: activating the checkbox changes the callback url which has to be changed in the gcp oauth2-client

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