Calculated extended price column update with entry to same row

I have a temporary state table. There is one column with Quantity, one column with Unit Price and one calculated column with Extended Price.

On the column for Extended Price, I have the value set to {{currentRow.Qty * currentRow['Unit Price']}}

It seems like the calculation does not update immediately when that row's Quantity or Unit Price are entered or changed. It only updates once a new line is created. Should I be referencing something other than currentRow?

You might have to run an onChange event or other event handler when either quantity and/or unit price change

Nice. Ok, on table1, I added an Event handler on Event=Cell Change to Trigger the following JS Code. This Query locks in changed values to the temporary state which updates the table1.

Object.keys(table1.changeSet).forEach((k, idx) => {state1.setIn([k], table1.recordUpdates[idx])