Calculated data in form not adding to database

I'm trying to add some calculated data to a postgres table.
I have a column of number input fields to add quantities, then the column to the right of it has a calculated total based on the quantity field.
For instance {{numberInput1.value * 55}}

But when checking the value of the query, they're all empty ''
Something to do with the calculation being used instead of a static input?

Hey @dru_nasty!

It looks like you're only setting the textInputs' "Placeholder" and not actual "Default value", so when you reference textInput.value, there's nothing.

Your solution would be to actually set the textInputs' "Default value" to {{numberInput1.value * 55}} or reference that in your query directly.

Let me know if you have any questions, hope that helps :slight_smile:

It was exactly that! Sorry for the basic request, was a long stay staring at this app.

No apologies needed at all :slight_smile: any question is helpful to have documented for all the other users who might be running into the same issue!