By creating value does not deliver output

  • Goal: I work for a logistics company, I want to create sku in the database by means of a process package already defined in the database.

this is the sql process:
arcl_cdg_clie_flia VARCHAR2(100) := '';
cod number := 0;
error VARCHAR2(200):='-';
excawms3.pkg_trbk_operacion.proc_crear_articulo({{textInput11.value}}, {{textInput12.value}} , arcl_cdg_clie_flia, cod, error);

the steps are simple,

  1. Create SKU
    A. Enter Existing SKU.
    B. Enter New SKU.
    C. Create SKU button

when proceeding with the creation it shows that the creation was successful,

but when searching for the new SKU created, it does not appear.

on the other hand the output does not give me any information.

help !!

Hi @Felipe_Eduardo_Gajardo_Garcia Thanks for reaching out!

I would try the following for debugging:

  1. Try using GUI mode instead of SQL mode to ensure you can successfully write to the db.

  2. Check the query property in the state for the query to see if you notice any syntax errors there:

  3. Check to see if there are any Oracle logs that show the request from Retool

  4. Replace the {{ dynamic values }} with hardcoded data to see if that runs successfully