Bulk update a column

I have a table that gets its data through a SQL query. I can update the rows in the column using the bulk update action, and that all works fine. However, I have the following use case that I couldn't figure out how to do:

  1. select all columns in the table
  2. change the value of the column
  3. apply changes to all the selected columns

This would work kinda like Excel select column.

The use case here is that in 99% of the cases, values in this column will be the same for all rows. However, I still need the option to update just a single value. This means I cannot just copy the updated value to all the rows in the table, as I wouldn't be able to distinguish if the value should be applied to just that one row or all the rows.

Is there a way to do bulk actions on a column?

You should add an extra field like a dropdown to select the one column where you want to change all rows to a certain value and then add a text field or number field depending on the column type for the user to add the new value. Once those two fields are completed, have the user click a button to update all rows by iterating through the number of rows in the table using additionalScope... Here is a good example