Bulk insert into retool table should accept the other values when the values of a csv file are left empty. Is this possible

I'm using a csv file to bulk upload the data into a retool table. Is there any way that i can add the other values apart from the csv file values when a field is null. For example, I have a column name in retool table as id. and if the csv file created_date field doesn't have that value, then it should be set to the current time.

Hi @Jyothi
In the example you have for created date, you have two options.

  1. Set the column type to created time and it will automatically assign the time when you insert the new record even if the value in your file is empty.
  2. You can set the default value of the field to SQL expression and set it to now() which will assign current time of the row insert.

    Hope this helps

Hi @Milan_Kalem -
Thanks for the response. Here, Im using the Snowflake resource and the snowflake table. I don't find the field type values like UUID, Created time etc. that you see in the screenshot you shared. Can you please share few more details on this.