Bulk Insert Into Google Sheet

Hi all!

I was hoping you could help.

I need to bulk append data into a Google sheet, I want the workflow to run weekly and insert the data from a PosgreSQL DB into a Google sheet - I have tried to use the native append data function and the loop but neither seems to work properly.

The append function works perfectly well when inserting single lines into the data but doesn't append anything when trying to add all the results into the sheet, both options to append do not output an error message but nothing changes on the spreadsheet (or in the case of the loop the same line gets inserted a random amount of times depending on the run).

I've added the two screenshots below - any help would be appreciated!

In your loop insert, replace booking_stats with value and I think it will work. Using value is how to refer to the iteration data in the loop.

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Amazing! that works thank you!