Bulk insert - Cannot get it to work - New to Retool

I'm new here and am having trouble getting the Bulk Insert to work. I've spent time researching and nothing is working for me.

What I have working: I'm able to get data from a Rest API call and can see the data in the response pane. This is called Query2. So this piece is working as expected. This data is bound to a Retool table and I can see the data from the API call. The table is named Table1

I have an external SQL Server database which I have successfully connected to from Retool. My problem is getting the data from Table1 into my external database using Retools bulk insert. I'm only able to get one record set from the array: {{query2.data.items[0].companyName}}

Any help is appreciated.

@gdawson500 Welcome to the community!
Can you post a screenshot of the bulk insert GUI panel you configured?

Hi Scott. Please see below.

Without seeing the rest of the data/GUI, my first guess here is that
{{query2.data.items[0].companyName}} is NOT an array
You might instead need {{query2.data.items.companyName}}
or use the name of your table...