building app to bulk enable/disable flags based on criteria

I want to build an app that will help me do the following:

  1. Run an SQL query that will provide a list of accounts based on different criteria (number of seats, instance type like production sandbox, etc)
  2. From the results list, I want to be able to select all and maybe then exclude some of the accounts.
  3. Then, I want to choose a flag from the list and enable/disable it on that list based on the selection I've done in #2.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. This is certainly possible within Retool!

We have a tutorial on how to creat e a SQL query here - from there, you can filter the results with the SQL filter function or use a Query Transformer.

From there, you can add a column to your Table Component and have it check if that current row should be enabled or disabled using {{currentSourceRow.nameofthecolumnhere}}
I created a similar setup here where Column 11 is checked only if the Role is "Viewer".