📱 Build Along: Native Mobile Apps in the Field

Hi, all! Donald Hruska here, an engineering lead at Retool. Join us today at 9:00am – 10:00am PST for Retool’s latest Build Along - a hands-on session exploring Retool Mobile and its value in building all types of applications (link to register here!). We’ll be building two apps: we’ll take you into the (literal) field to build an app that records soil sample data, and another that demonstrates a variety of useful features for warehousing and inventory management.

Some of the Retool Mobile features we’re going to cover include:

  • Using Retool Database and Google Sheets as back-ends in Retool
  • Displaying maps and map markers
  • Opening links into other apps (deep linking)
  • Forms and auto form generation
  • Using the device camera and uploading files to Retool Storage
  • Scanning barcodes with the Scanner component, including embedded scanner mode
  • Running Retool Mobile apps on Zebra scanner devices
  • Building apps that work in areas with no or low signal coverage using Offline Mode
  • Building responsive mobile apps with Tablet Mode

I hope you can join us: register here!



In the event I mentioned some app exports we'd make available: here they are, along with their associated data! Thanks to everyone who joined.
Order Picking.json (59.5 KB)
Order Picking - order_items.csv (253 Bytes)
Order Picking - orders.csv (177 Bytes)
Order Picking - products.csv (185 Bytes)
Order Picking - inventory.csv (68 Bytes)
Order Picking - warehouses.csv (69 Bytes)

Soil Samples.json (31.6 KB)
Soil Samples - technicians.csv (97 Bytes)
Soil Samples - jobs.csv (408 Bytes)
Soil Samples - results.csv (99 Bytes)


Hey all, here is the event recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_niQlOb7vc