BUGS: Text not readable in iOS app + empty text spacing

1. Text not readable

The segmented control text color is problematic in the iOS app, as it renders black text on dark backgrounds, which makes the text impossible to read.

Similarly,the top status bar text, also renders black on blue which makes it impossible to read.

There doesn't seem to be a way to control this at a theme level (even on the Business plan with custom theme options) or at a component level, since there is no styling available for the segmented control.

The text readability issue is also present in select menus when Allow custom value is enabled, and this is present on both the web and the iOS app:

2. Empty text spacing

The first screenshot above also shows a discrepancy between the web editor and the iOS app on how empty text fields are rendered. On the web, a text with an empty value simply doesn't show, whereas in the iOS app, the text with empty value takes up empty space. This is without setting anything in the Hidden field of the text component.

Any hopes for a quick fix on this?


While on the topic of segmented controls, just a quick reminder that this is still present: Wrong icon for segmented control

Hello! This a known bug and I'll bump it with the dev team. Thanks for calling attention to it @27shutterclicks!

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