Buggy module with table

Hi there!

I was trying to export a series of components into a module that can be reused in various apps.

This module has a main table with other components that are used to filter the data that is displayed in the table. This table has server side pagination.

In terms of inputs I send through 2 queries and 1 data parameter.

  • Order list query
  • Order count query (which depends on the filtering from the order list query so it's sent as a separate query)
  • is fetching which is used to display or not a progress bar

I then output the pagination from the table so that I'm able (in theory) to send this data to my query, that lives outside our the module.

Now this is where things started to get really wonky. Everything runs fine in the module, using test queries in order to get everything running, however, when I bring it into an app and I pick the query, nothing displays. Even though I'm using the exact same query in the test query as the query being injected into the module.

I'm a bit at a loss on what else to try.

I also noticed that when I output the pagination data from the table in the module, that same data, when I move to page 2 for example, won't change the output data coming from the module.

Any ideas?

I ended up moving all queries into the module and letting them run inside the module, but that's makes things much more restrictive.