BUG: Workflow JSON parameters get reset in workflow functions

For a re-usable function in my workflow which calls another workflow, any workflow parameters I set for the function get reset when navigating away from it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a function in a workflow and change its type to "Retool Workflow"
  • Select a workflow for the function to call using the dropdown
  • Change workflow parameters type to json
  • Add some key/value pairs to the parameters
  • Hit deploy (I assume this saves it somehow? maybe not)
  • Using the tabbed view of functions, navigate to another function then back to the function you just created - the JSON workflow parameters have gone

This is causing me some real issues and I'm fairly sure is a genuine bug.

Any update on this? Still broken as far as i can tell.

@CWhite thanks for posting and for your patience here - this does seem strange and inconvenient. A teammate and I tried to reproduce this and we weren't able to see the same thing when hardcoded or dynamic :thinking: Is this still broken on your side? Are you using Workflows on Cloud, or a specific self-hosted version? You gave a great set of detailed steps above, but any other details that would help as we work on reproducing the issue?

Aug-15-2023 11-15-01

This bug was found using workflows on Cloud, I've been liaising directly with your support team on this - it is a bug (something to do with the defined parameters being overwritten by the default workflow parameters) and apparently is in the pipeline to be fixed.

I'm seeing similar behaviour in functions for workflows. In my case, it's a function that runs a query. The query uses the hubspot REST API.
The REST call parameters that reference the function paramters are not being populated.

Sounds like the same thing from what I understand on this bug report, so adding another vote for getting this fixed. Right now, it's causing major issues as I wanted to use the function from a code block with some error handling/control, and now one simple code block will need to be broken down in to many duplicated workflow steps.

aaaactually, turns out this is only a problem with the hubspot resource.
Creating a REST API resource manually works fine.
So, probably unrelated bug?