Bug when upserting to retool DB using GUI mode

I think there is a bug with upserting into a retool db. Self-hosting.

The issue occurs when using the GUI mode. I am using a UUID field in the Filter by section. If the UUID does not exist, Retool is assigning the UUID field to null, and then trying to insert that field as null as part of the Changeset, even though the field is not included in the changeset in the UI and, under expected behavior, would be autogenerated by the db on insert so it wouldn't be null.

I've worked around this by using IN (rather than =) in the Filter by settings (which also requires using a transformer to put the ID field into an array that can be used within the IN compare.

Hey @drewski, this seems similar to an issue we are tracking here. When you created this table, was the primary key set to GENERATED ALWAYS?