[BUG] transport Object/Array from trigger additionalScope to query, the object/array will resolve to [object Object]

Say I have a query library

And I will add a query import from above

Now, I will trigger this query in table column

Then change the column trigger the query.

Open the debug to review the request, you will found the data is resolved to [object Object]

debug Screenshot_20230713151347

if you change the data in trigger addtionalScope from array(or object) to string/number, it will work.

My workaround is use JSON.stringify(data) in the query.

And then parse it again in Query Library

Pls help to fix this bug, thanks.

Hey @AnsonHwang! Thanks for flagging this, it looks like there might be a bug with how the query is being reported in the debug console, is [object Object] being passed in the actual request for you or does that look correct?

Btw, this debug console bug is still there and almost sent me down a rabbit hole of debugging the wrong thing.