Bug: transformer renders null values in state as undefined


There is currently a bug in the handling of data stored in temporary states. If there is an object in a temporary state that contains a null value, and a JavaScript transformer tries to access this value, it is returned as undefined, when it should be null. Screenshots confirming this behaviour are below.

Configure a temporary state containing an object with a null value:

Configure a transformer that accesses that value:

Note that if you hover over the value in the transformer, it is correctly displayed as null:

The return value of the transformer is undefined:

I have also tested this with other resources that are not temporary states. For example, if accessing a null value directly from a resource query backed by Postgres, this does not happen. It seems to be isolated just to temporary states.

Hi there! Thank you for flagging this.

This is a bug that our team is looking into! We'll reach out here when it's fixed