[Bug]The three level nested expandable table don't expand as expect

I open the table in the third level with 2 methods.

Method 1:
open the second row firstly. Yes, the table expand as expect. Then the first row, as you see the first table expand, but the second was gone. You need to scroll to find it, the extra space should be added here in order to contains these two expand tables instead of overflow the second one.

Method 2:
open the first row firstly. As you see, the added space is not enough to contain them. You need to scroll to find all of them. Then expand the second row, now it will add enough extra space to show all of them, working as expect.

Here is link of screen recorder. (If the video is Expired pls let me know)

Thanks in advance.

Looks like this is in our queue :crossed_fingers: will follow up with you when I get an update to see if our fix resolves your table behavior