Bug: Sorting not working properly

See the below screenshot. The data type is Date.

The nulls seem to cause the issue. I map to {{ self ?? "1900-01-01"}} and enable sorting by mapped value, it works properly.

Hello @serggusak,

I would generally advise cleaning up data before trying to do an operation or manipulation on it.

There is nothing wrong with the data. The sorting should work on any data, including nulls. This is an apparent bug in the sorting. I found a similar bug reported for the "string" field type: Potential bug: Table sorting occasionally not working correctly

Any chance that will be fixed? This looks to me like a pretty significant bug. It was fixed for the "string" fields and was also identified for the "Default" fields. Can it be fixed for dates now?

Hello @serggusak,

Looking into this more I'm seeing you're right! We do have a bug ticket open for that similar issue, and I've linked this thread in to keep the association on our end.

This is still an open issue that we don't have a timeline on right now, but I was able to find this workaround for some column types.

  • Add a mapper to convert the value to a blank string is Falsey
  • Check 'Sort by mapped value'

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Thank you, @ugo.ago

Hello, it seems I have this bug too.

Without any filter, it works like a charm but if I made a filter on another column this colum can't be sorted :cry:

Do I need to create a dedicated ticket ?

Hey @Progz!

No need to create a separate ticket, thanks for reporting here! I'm sorry that it's still broken, the bug is on the list of things to be fixed and we'll report back here when it is.

In the meantime, would you mind sharing your column settings? Is the workaround posted above not functioning properly for you?

Hey folks! Fixes to column sorting have been pushed :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you're still running into issues with versions >2.112.0!

I'm still having issues with sorting, @Kabirdas
I have a column of Unix timestamps set to datetime mapping, but the sorting just isn't working. I tried the solution above from @ugo.ago, but it didn't help either.