Bug: S3 file upload working in browser preview but not iOS

I've been trying to get file upload working on a mobile app with S3, however I can only get it working in the browser preview, it doesn't work in the iOS mobile app.

On desktop it works as expected, I can select an image/file from the file picker, it uploads to s3 with the correct content type and then displays in the image component.
On iOS it uploads but the Content-Type seems to be empty when viewing the file, so it doesn't work.

Have I got this setup right?

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We're having the same type of issue with it working on desktop sim but not actual iOS or Android mobile app. Not the S3 specifically, but image picker file URI in generate. In our case the URI to B64 ends up as None on mobile, but has a valid value on desktop.

Hello! I can't seem to reproduce either issue just yet—are either of you still running into this issue?