Bug Report : Tables, Selected Cell Value Doesn't Change After Sorting

Quite specific but quite annoying (in my use case!)

I have a table and I'm giving the user the ability to search another table (table2) by using the value of table1.selectedCell.data - so they can click on a cell in table1 and search another table based on the text value within said cell.

This all works fine until the user sorts the columns of the table (table1). The cell value returned remains as it was before the sorting applied, and even if I select a new cell it it still picking up the value as it was pre-sorting. This makes me think that the sorting is acting like a purely visual aid and not actually changing the values as you would expect it to.

This an example event handler I added to a button to push the cell value to a text box...


Can you confirm this is the case and I'm not doing something wrong?

Hi! I can confirm this behavior. I setup a text component to reference the selectedCell. The built-in sort functionality of the table is front-end only.

@JayL , thanks for confirming and demonstrating this so well :slight_smile:

Can this be logged as a bug please? I very much doubt this is desired/intended as it's counter-intuitive to the purpose of being able to select a cell and perform an action using the data you've selected.

My pleasure @dcsearle! There actually is a bug report for this behavior already. I linked it to this post on our end and will be able to let you know about any progress.