BUG: Multiselect custom values broken

Hey there

I found this bug today, through out all my apps.
when user selects a custom value, it appears as null instead of the selected value.

this behavior was consistent in all my apps, and on a new blank app.

I have Attached screenshots below:
where i selected values 4,5,2,7
with default values [1,2,3]

also here is what the values are of the component after selection

Hey @CaptainFreight, thanks for posting and welcome to the Retool forum!

I appreciate you alerting us to this issue with enough detail for us to reproduce on our side. I was able to reproduce and will pass along to the proper team to fix. We’ll let you know here once it’s been fixed.

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Hey there @CaptainFreight,

Great news — it’s been fixed! :tada: Custom multiselect values will now show the value, instead of null.

Echoing Alex, thank you for surfacing this issue and thank you for your patience while we got this fixed!


Thank you for the fast fix, and feedback.
The forum has been really helpful