Bug? Issue with Module Refresh after refreshing the tab or opening the app in a new window

Hello there,

We are just starting with Retool and are loving it. Thanks for the great product!

I just encountered our first issue today while embedding a module within an app and hoping someone could shed some light here.

What are we trying to achieve?

  • We have a module called “EOB” that takes in an id.
  • And a page that embeds that module, passing the ID of the selected row as a variable.

The behaviour is pretty strange.

When I first drop in the module and bind it, everything works well.

But if I were to refresh the page or duplicate the tab, then the module does not refresh when selecting the ID, while I can confirm that the variable gets updated (It gets printed).

I tried a few searches here but with no luck.

On the app editor after first embedding the module. Trying a few different rows

Once the page has been refreshed, no luck getting the module with data to update nor show

Hi @Guillaume_Miara that sounds strange :thinking: Any chance you can share an export of the app with the module in it? This doesn't look like a known bug so I'd like to investigate further