Bug in table filtering

Was encountered with a bug while using the table component, here are the steps to reproduce it:

The requirement is to unselect a row using filter

  1. Import data of multiple pages in the table, all rows selected initially.

  2. apply a filter for the desired row ( let's call this row X ).

  3. we can see the X row at index 0, unselect the X row.

  4. remove the filter to go back to initial state.

  5. Now the row at index 0 of this state gets unselected, while our X row is still selected.

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Hi @amrit.1430 thanks for surfacing this!

Our engineers are currently looking into the indexing of selected rows through filters, I'll post an update here when we have a fix.

Hi @Kabirdas ,
Any updates on this ?

Hi @amrit.1430 sorry for the late reply here. We've just recently pushed a change to cloud that fixes this issue. If you have a cloud org, can you let me know if you're still seeing it?

Hi @Kabirdas

I am having the same problem in my application...

The fix to this problem was already done?

Hey @Doglas!

This issue should be fixed as of 2.90.16. If you're on a later version than that would you mind sharing screenshots/recordings of what you're seeing along with your setup so that we can look into the behavior you're running into?

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Hummm we are using 2.87.11 version.
I will see a upgrade to fix it.

Thanks for your time.