Bug in Status Codes

I have a request that returns 409 CONFLICT in some cases. The status code is correctly displayed by any HTTP client. However Retool makes a 400 Bad Request out of it, which gives me problems to handle it correctly.

In the metadata the correct status can be found.

As a Retool user I exepect statusCode of the {{ data }} object to be 409 and error to be Conflict, when the request returns 409 as status code.

Hey @Bernd_Strehl! Was able to reproduce this and have submitted an internal bug report. I'll update you here when I have any additional information on the status for you.

Hi - We're running into something similar with a 404 from the server being treated as a 400 by Retool.

Hi, running into the same thing with a 429 being treated as a 400. Any update on this issue?

Hey @Mark_Hahnenberg, no updates on this as of now. I've added your +1 on this issue internally and will update here as I get any information on the ticket status.

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