Bug in New Table and other components


We're experiencing weird issue, we have table let's call it usersTable and it has some data which are populated by query and saved into usersState variable, which holds metadata about pagination and actual list of entries like {meta: {...}, list: [...]}.

After modifying entries and refetching all users to repopulate usersState with updated record it updates the table properly. But the problem shows up on other components that are reading from usersTable.selectedSourceRow. Basically it seems that they're not being updated, unless you select different row first and then select back the updated one.

We have a Drawer which uses usersTable.selectedSourceRow.name, usersTable.selectedSourceRow.phoneNumber etc in it. After the records has been updated and refetched from API, table reflects all new data, but Drawer component does not, unless you switch selected row to other one, and select back original one.

What we can do about that?