[bug] font size doesn't change text size in key-value component

when i set the Font size to something like 8px, i anticipated the text to shrink inside the values of the key-value component.

instead, it seems to change the height of the tag/pill, but not the actual text itself -- text stays big.

Hi @trz-justin-dev! Could you check your app to see if there is any global CSS being applied to this text? I'm unable to reproduce this on a new key value component

hi @mckenna thanks for replying!

it seems to only behave this way on the key-value component inside of a collapsible container within a table component row -- k-v components on their own adjust text size correctly.

buggy example:

correct example:

@trz-justin-dev thanks for reporting! I am able to reproduce with a key value component set to have a large font size inside a Table's expandable row. Will file a ticket for the team to fix!