Bug: Date Picker on mobile has to select twice

To reproduce:

  • create a new mobile app
  • add date picker field to "my profile" page
  • load the app on phone, tested on a few Samsung models


  • if the app is freshly loaded, you need to select date twice
  • sometimes if changing to anther date, it behaves as expected, but most likely need to select twice as well
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Hey @rxunique, just tested this on a Samsung device and didn't have any issues using the component. Can you share your Retool mobile app version and which Retool web version you are on?

Here's a video of the bug.

Also, while you are at it, can you have a look at a formatting bug?

  • in IDE, its formatted to locale DD/MM/YYYY correctly
  • on the phone, its YYYY-MM-DD.
  • I tried using JS to change the date value format, no improvement as expected
  • this formatting bug is also same across multiple samsung I tested

My retool mobile version is 3.31.0 version number 2022.

Here's the test app
form reset bug (1).json (15.7 KB)

We are also seeing this issue.

Running Android 14 on a Samsung S23 Ultra.
Retool Mobile v3.31.0
(Version number 2022)