Bug: Custom modal name - can't close modal

Default modal:
It's named modalFrame1 and when you click the X is closes as expected. The close button code is:
Action: Control component
Component: modalFrame1
Method: Set hidden
(nothing set in advanced)

I created a new modal, called modalCustom. I set the close button to the same as default, but change component to modalCustom - it no longer works.

Note: setting Method to Hide or Toggle hidden also does not work.

I even did the run query to run JavaScript, or run script and inserted the same modal close code - it'll work with an external button on the modal, but not the close button on the modal itself.

So… new modal… added all the components, but I didn't touch the "X" button. It's the default name. It closes! I change the names… it still closes. So this one button works, but the rest didn't? I've had to remove it altogether to keep the UI consistent.

Hi @keif Thanks for reaching out! I haven't been able to reproduce this for our team :thinking: If you still have a version where it's broken, please send us an export! Definitely something we want to investigate & fix

Hm, I haven't touched that code in a while, I'll see if I can go back and recreate it now.