Bug: {{currentRow.key}} in table row mappers causes an error

Steps to reproducts:

  • Create a new app
  • Create a table
  • Map say last column to: {{currentRow.id}}
  • Error

Also mapper like {{transformer[currentRow.id]}} do not work.

As a side feature request (don’t want to spam with threads here): wish you could use currentRow within the background colour definition.

Hi Lauri! This is a known issue we’re currently working on and we’ll post back here with updates.

For the mapper, is that transformerName.value[ currentRow.id ]? For both that and the background color, you might need to refresh the page or data for the change in the setting to take effect. I think the mapper value not updating as the transformer value changes is likely also related to when they recalculate. We’ll also post back here for updates on that issue!

Hi @lauri We’ve resolved both issues- the false error message and the mapper’s not refreshing as the setting is changed! You should have been able to use it inside the background color, but it may have been confused by the other overlapping issues. How does that look for you now?

Thanks a lot @alex-w!

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