Broken Elements on Page when Accessed via Direct Link


I'm using the self-hosted version of retool, version 3.16.5.

I'm seeing a bug where when I visit one of the retool pages via a link (e.g. from a slack message) certain elements on the page are broken. Specifically, I have a button that links to a different retool app, and another button that copies a link to the user's clipboard, both of which are broken and produce the following error in the console when I click them: "recieved message from unverified origin [self-hosted origin here]"

If I instead navigate to the page via links within the other retool app (which is a dashboard that links to the details pages), everything works fine. Interestingly, the buttons also work if I click them very quickly as the page is loading when coming from an external link, but after a second or two they stop working.

Any ideas as to what the issue could be here?