Breaking encoding on Retool AI in some case

Hi all, I want to feedback on a suspected bug. It seems that Retool AI is breaking code in the process of encoding certain strings before sending them. For example, ChatComplete does not understand the following prompts. In addition to these examples, the problem occurs more frequently when you have a mix of non-English multibyte languages. Any idea? Prompt that I used:

I want you to write a twitter post about the following article. You're not the author of the article, so you have to write from a third-person perspective. Leave out the hashtag and quotation mark, but make sure it captures the main theme of the article and your feelings about it. Don't force yourself to translate to korean what commonly used foreign words. The twitter post SHOULD be shorter than 250 characters.

Google Assistant is getting an AI-powered update. At today’s Made By Google live event, the company introduced Assistant with Bard, a new version of its popular mobile personal assistant that’s now powered by generative AI technologies. Essentially a combination of Google Assistant and Bard for mobile devices, the new assistant will be able to handle a broader range of questions and tasks, ranging from simple requests like “what’s the weather?,” “set an alarm” or “text Jenny,” as before, to now more intelligent responses provided by Google’s Bard AI.
This includes being able to dive into your own Google apps, like Gmail and Google Drive, to offer personalized responses to queries on an opt-in basis. That means you could do things like ask Google Assistant questions like “catch me up on my important emails I’ve missed this week,” and the digital helper can dig up emails you need to know about.

Hi @comfuture! I am an engineer on the Retool team. Thanks for bringing this up, we will investigate!


Hi @comfuture, just wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about this and are still working towards a fix. Stay tuned!

@francis12 Thank you for your feedback and the hard work of the ReTool team.

Is the work still in progress? I think this is a big.