Breaking change in new Select component

I am using the new Select component in a new app and I noticed that there is no longer a displayValue property. It is now inputValue.

I more typically use value but I will need to to search through my apps to see if I do use displayValue somewhere like I need to in the current app I am working on.


Hey @bradlymathews!

Thanks for flagging this, I don't believe there is a native update from the deprecated v1 of this component to the new version but this is definitely a good callout, I'll write up a feature request to see if we can get this displayedValue property back and keep this thread updated as I hear back from my team! :slight_smile:

Howdy @Chris-Thompson,

It broke a bit further today. inputValue is also not working.



Any word on this? Kinda has development on this app at a full stop as the getting the inputValue is a key step in the workflow. I can certainly work around it by doing a find() within the data using the value but I don't want to add any temp/funky workarounds if I can help it.

Also, I tried duplicating the app in case that would get rid of any corruption. Did not help.

Hey @bradlymathews!

I believe the inputValue variable here represents custom values input when you have the "Allow custom values" toggle toggled on. In your example here, is "De La Soul" being typed in as a custom value?


Yes, that does seem to be the case now. But it was working as the selected item, not just the custom item. It was behaving like displayValue used to, hence the original post. I did not have custom values toggled.

Ah I see, that makes sense. I'll add this to the existing feature request, thanks for flagging this!

I have reverted to the deprecated version for now.

Sounds good, I'll keep this thread open with any updates! :slight_smile:

Just checking in on any progress putting the displayValue property back into the Select component.

Adding on here - displayValues has been changed to labels and label has been added to describe the label next to the text input. With value being the selected value of the values array, one would think that this would be the same with label and labels.

But its not, label is the the label shown next to the select component while labels is the array of displayValues.Which means they aren't affiliated at all. Why call two things the same name?

Also had a couple apps break on removing displayValue in the new components.

Hello Joey,

Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, you're not the only one who ran into this! Yes, you're correct that it's been changed to labels and label. I also agree that it's quite confusing. I looked at the bug report and this fix is still in progress. Hoping to have something like selectedLabel in the near future!


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Hey @jSims

Just wanted to see if there was any update here



This fix is still in progress but has moved forward. Sorry about the wait! We will definitely let you know in this thread as soon as the improvement is made.


Thanks John!

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Hello community! Just updating to let you know this was completed. I'm not sure if it's quite merged yet. But, either today or tomorrow (or very, very soon after) this should be available. There will be a .selectedLabel property!

Great! Thanks @jSims!