Branch block handles are displayed under block

This might be a bug? I am curious though why the branch block renders differently than all the others.

I think it's to make it visually easier to see where each branch of the block goes. If it were a single handle, it wouldn't be as obvious which subsequent chain of events is coming from each set of criteria.

I kindly disagree since my issue is that it is hard to tell where code1 input is from.

Yes, it is under the branch block to the else handle, but without the handle on the outside it is hard for me to discern where that line's source is coming from, out the bottom of the branch block.

If i had more else clauses, how would I tell which else that line disappears to?

In my opinion, it would be much more clear if all the handles were visible, so that all the blocks are consistent and the connecting splines are clear where they terminate.

You could argue that this is a ridiculous layout and that the user should put their blocks down in a more coherent manner, but I argue that if the handles were visible, it would eliminate the problem.

That makes more sense - I thought you were asking for a single handle outside the block like the rest of blocks, which I think you would agree would even more confusing.

Moving the (multiple) handles outside of the branch block is a good request. Yes, one could argue for different arrangement of blocks (or using the tree view), but that doesn't change the point.

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I agree, it could be more legible! Just submitted this as a feature request. :+1: