Binary UUID not displaying correctly

I have a table with a binary(16) UUID in mySQL database as the primary key. When I view this in Retool, the UUID is some garbled icons - I can't seem to find a way to display it as it is in the underlying database (Hexadecimal string I think it is). Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

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Is the table component column set to string or something else?

It's set to string. I tried setting it to number but that just returned a 0 for each UUID.

What does the data look like in the panel in Retool versus what is displayed in the table UI component...


You might have to cast it as text when pulling it out of the db....not familiar enough as it's been awhile using mysql so not sure how that is done...

I think i'll just stick to auto-incrementing integers for primary keys - thanks for your help.

Hey @Richard_Brouwer, we have a bug report filed for this currently. We don't have an expected timeline, but if there are any updates we will make sure to share them here.