BigQuery GUI Mode does not see the tables

While i am able to query data from the BigQuery Data Source
When trying to set up an update Query using the GUI options...I dont see any of the tables.


Hey @bigV1! Out of curiosity, do you know how many tables you have in your db? I believe this happens with BiqQuery dbs that have too many tables or a schema that exceeds 100MB.

Hello @victoria
This DB does not exceed 100 MB. It has two tables with about 20 rows of text .

Got it, ok! And do you have write permissions granted from your db? Are you able to use the SQL mode to run write queries?

Yes I do have write permissions...An i can use SQL mode to create a SQL which returns data and populates the Table.
I now need to be able to update existing data AND add data . If t he GUI mode does not work could you let me know what the right way to set up the query is

Attaching a snapshot of the select statement I now have set up