Better way to debug transformers

I think there should be a way to debug transformers better - I'm currently putting console logs and using the chrome debugger; I think a proper way to debug values during transformer execution would be a much appreciated addition.

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Thanks @paulxuca! Some more refined troubleshooting methods would be useful. Are you thinking of the values of {{ }} tags, variables, or something else?

Values in {{ }} tags are decent for debugging/ inspecting right now - I’m thinking any variables declared within the transformer code block.

Have you used any editors that come time mind as notably useful for that kind of thing? We’ve talked about bringing in console.log’s inside the preview pane, but I’m not sure about tracking the changing values of a variable otherwise

Unfortunately no! Having console log values in the preview pane would be a :100:change already though!

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Hey @paulxuca! Wanted to let you know that one of our engineers shipped a nice improvement to debugging JS via breakpoints in your browser’s developer tools. Docs here:

P.S. we definitely should still add a console.log output in Retool :slight_smile: