Best way to use filters in a table?

Hi what you guys recommend me to create some filters for my table

i got this and created a query like this

that query gives no results all field empty but in table i got - - - - any chance to show No results found instead?

thank you

are you only filtering on that one table or are you querying the database again?

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querying again, but i saw mysql doesnt supports ILIKE etc i was following this Retool Table Filter Tutorial for SQL Beginners so i decided to only add one text input and create my query like

Select * from database where {{search.value}} = {{search.value}} not sure if thats the best way

not sure if i understand correctly the filters

is ok to do it like that ?

You should use a CASE statement....

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That works too, I used query JSON with SQL instead. And works thank you for the tutorial