Best practice for resource regions

In the case retool cloud (US) and users(Australia) are far away.

Where's the best (least worst) location to put backend, Postgres(supabase) & S3?

I found retool recently and really love it, as the result I had to get my head around backend which is also new to me, so self host retool is a bit out of scope now.

My assumption is that both SQL query & image fetch are done with retool cloud then passed onto deployed apps. So my current region setup is all services as close as possible

~ Retool is on default us-west-2
~ S3 is on us-west-2
~ Supabase is on us-west-1 (west2 not available )

In my mobile MVP, a simple detail page query one row with 15-20 cells, and 1.5mb image from S3, can take 2-3 seconds according to retool debug console timeline.

Would there be any benefit if I only relocate S3 closer to user, while remaining on retool cloud us-west-2?

Seconding this comment - any insight from devs is helpful here. I have exact same situation. ??