Best practice for joining mySQL and BigQuery resources in Retool

Hi Retool Support,

  1. I have a table in mySQL
  2. I have a table in BigQuery
  3. I need to join the mySQL table and BigQuery table in Retool. Instead of:
    i. Build a mysql_query '''SELECT * FROM mysql_table''' to load the table into Retool
    ii Build a bigquery_query '''SELECT * FROM bigquery_table''' to load the table into Retool
    iii Build a js_query to join mysql_query and bigquery_query

is there a way to join the two tables before they flow into Retool?

Hey! If you wanted to do this in Retool, there are a couple of ways - but outside of Retool, you’ll need to create some sort of service to do this. We used Presto at my last job for cross-database joins, but you could also just run the queries separately and then join them on a server.