Be able to enabled and disable a workflow through a function


I have a workflow that I am using to batch a lot of data to an API endpoint and it will do it over the course of an hour running every 2 minutes. It sends messages in Slack for it's progress so we can see everything is running smoothly.

However, once all of the data has been sent across I want to disable this workflow automatically so that it stops spamming the Slack channel.

Hey @AlexRapsomanikis!

A single workflow can run for up to one day so you can build logic into your workflow so you can potentially build logic into your workflow that loops through the data that needs to be sent and adds a delay between each run using something like this. If you want to keep your existing workflow mostly as is, you can also create a separate workflow that triggers it every two minutes using a workflow block:

If you don't have a fixed iterable and want to run it until you get a certain response (that could also be passed along via a response block) that should also be possible using function blocks in conjunction with code blocks.

Does any of that seem like it might work?