Base64 auth help

I’m a newbie so all this is very new. But I’ve recently had solar panels installed and I’m looking to collate various bits of data

I’ve been able to access my energy suppliers data and pull my import and export kWh.

I’m now trying to access my solar panel data. This is proving to be more complex. The authorisation it’s using is way beyond my current understanding. I’m hoping that I can be pointed in the right direction on how to achieve this in retool

This is from the api documentation

The legitimacy authentication information of the interface request, in the format shown in the example, is explained as follows: apiId represents the visitor's identity ID. Authorization ApiSecret represents the key required for signing. CanonicalizedResource represents the API interface path that you want to access, such as "/v1/api/inverterDetail" Sign represents a digital signature, which is obtained by encrypting the HmacSHA1 key with base64 encoding. \n represents a line break.

This is the example code

Authorization : "API " + apiId + ":" + Sign Sign = base64(HmacSHA1(apiSecret,POST+ "\n" + Content-MD5 + "\n" + Content-Type + "\n" + Date + "\n" + CanonicalizedResource))

Any help would be greatly received.