Avatar in new Table component

Can anyone please tell me the format for the Avatar column type in the new table component to get an image displayed instead of the text fallback?

Is it URL like the Avatar component? I can't seem to make it work?


Hey @jclutterbuck!

You can try passing something like {{ item.PictureUrl || "https://your.default.image/path" }} to the image field so that the fallback is built into your transformer:

Does that work?

Hi @Kabirdas

Sorry for the delay in responding. I think the issue I was having was because I was using a share link from Google Photos and I didn't realise the technicality of this. The "real" URL was too long for my database soI'm trying to chnge this.

Thanks for your help.


what if I want to put first letter of first and last word in avatar ?

It is putting first letter of first word by default.

Would you mind sharing the settings for your avatar column @Bilal_Anjum? The defaults should display two letters, I'm wondering if and how your configuration differs :thinking: